Services Urban Partnership provide

Our program is exclusively a charitable service.  We will always seek to improve accessibility, accountability, and coordination of services among other professionals and agencies that will better serve the senior and the senior’s family.

Senior Health Education Maintenance and prevention of chronic illnesses

Senior Health Education Classes to help seniors with the maintenance and prevention of chronic illnesses.  We also provide health education classes pertaining to the aging process.

Free Legal Help Collaboration with Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services

Urban Partnerships helps seniors find free Legal help. For potential legal issues.  Accordingly, our collaboration with the Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services. helps seniors with any potential issues that may occur.

Homebound Senior Help Gifts and necessities & Monitoring of our Homebound Seniors

Homebound Senior Help includes Give to Urban Partnership at Minnesota Gives and necessities. Furthermore, through the consistent monitoring of our homebound seniors, we seek to help.

Senior Home Repair Help Helping keep seniors in their homes

Senior Home repair help gives seniors help with Minor home repairs. Above all, this service helps to seniors stay in their homes.  Therefore, Seniors can now can continue their independence. Understandably, this is a collaboration with local construction companies.

Senior events and activities Seniors gain an active social calendar.

Urban Partnership Annual Senior events and activities. Above all this services and programs is about activity.  Seniors gain an active social calendar. Events such as plays, trips and  boat rides are available throughout the year.

Active Senior groups Weekly activities through our clubs.

Active Senior groups work! Urban Partnerships work to have weekly activities. These weekly activities are through our 50 Plus club. Activities include outings such as; walking track, low impact exercises, games, arts and craft. This is a collaboration with the St. Paul Park and Recreation Center.

Have a service for Our Seniors?
We'd like to work with you!

The core goal of our programs assist in the education, application, and support support for our seniors. Therefore many services are welcomed to help our senior community.