Senior Community Choir

A Urban Partnership Community Senior Choir


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About the Urban Partnership Community Senior Choir

Choir, (ages 55 and up), has 74 voices on roll from throughout the Twin Cities. We have gifted musicians that are skilled in their profession that work with the choir in preparing them for concerts and keeping their voices active.  A recent research study suggested that music can increase motivation and positive emotions.  Music along with education and activities also delays or prevent chronic illnesses and diseases associated with aging.

The choir curriculum for seniors is:

  • Voice training

  • Techniques for memorizing lyrics to keep the mind active (combating Alzheimer’s)

  • Techniques for relaxing while listening to music

  • How to develop emotional freedom through music with laughter and tears

About our Performing Arts Initiative

The Performing Arts Program of Urban Partnership serves as a powerful way to engage seniors and their families in a creative and interpretive process of self expression.  It allows families to enhance their gifts while bringing life to our community.  This program also allows seniors to keep their musical talents alive while combating loneliness and depression.  We have various groups and many activities, concerts, and conferences to keep the entire family actively involved. 

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