Lyrics of the Soul

Lyrics of the Soul, a community music outreach group


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About the Lyrics of the Soul

Lyrics of The Soul – is a community music outreach group for all ages up to 54 years  old.  Our vision is to find all those hidden talents among our children, youth, young adults, and adults, and present them to the Twin Cities.  The curriculum for this department is designed to provide opportunities for each participant to develop their vocal, musical and analytical skills.

Living in one of the states that carries the highest number of homeless children, it is our responsibility to REACH OUT, REACH DOWN, AND REACH ACROSS many barriers to rescue our children and grandchildren.  This department will network with public schools and many performing arts schools throughout the state to build a strong foundation for success.  It is our goal to establish a Performing Arts Scholarship Fund that will benefit our children and youth participants.

About our Performing Arts Initiative

The Performing Arts Program of Urban Partnership serves as a powerful way to engage seniors and their families in a creative and interpretive process of self expression.  It allows families to enhance their gifts while bringing life to our community.  This program also allows seniors to keep their musical talents alive while combating loneliness and depression.  We have various groups and many activities, concerts, and conferences to keep the entire family actively involved.

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