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Founder and President

Frances Harris

Francis Harris of St. Paul, cofounder, Urban Partnership Community Development Center in St. Paul. Harris co-founded the Urban Partnership in 1999. The community-based organization that serves disadvantaged African-Americans in St. Paul has a mission to “enhance the soul of our community through connecting senior citizens to each other and to living assistance services.” While Harris was executive director at the organization, Urban Partnership developed programs to help more than 400 older adults and their caregivers with issues such as overcoming social isolation, working while caregiving and accessing social services and supports. In her retirement, Harris volunteers, helping children improve their reading skills.

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Executive Director

Elizabeth Webster

Elizabeth Webster joined Urban Partnership in 2004 as a grant writer and has been involved in program development, strategic planning, and board development. Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries from Bethel University and a Mini-MBA in Nonprofit Management from The Center for Nonprofit Management, University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

As I sit and listen to the seniors’ diverse life stories, I am always amazed… “The smile on their faces do not reflect the tears they have shed or the miles they have walked.”

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Board of Directors

George English IV

Alice Roberts-Davis

Lucy Pearson

Barbara Blakley

Board Members
Earline Allen

Mary Durden
Twana Williams

Elizabeth Webster

As I sit and listen to their life stories of strife and struggles, the gleam in their eyes and the smiles on their faces do not reflect the miles they have walked or the tears they have shed.

Elizabeth Webster

UPCDC Client

Without UPCDC’s social worker and volunteer services, I would not be able to keep my 78-year-old wife at home.  She would have to go to a nursing home.  I would give my blood to keep her here.  I know you all can do this.  I have taken care of her for several years and I can’t do it anymore.

Blank Urban Partnership Profile photoUPCDC Client

Mrs. Fannie, age 97

I hope UPCDC will be around a long time.  This is the first program in our community that makes me feel like I am a part of a family.  I don’t mind telling everything…  I feel just that comfortable with UPCDC staff, especially the social worker.   She is good!

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