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Urban Partnership offers assistance as a heads-up to self-sufficiency. We are always busy doing outreach in the community that truly transforms lives. We are very pleased that we have succeeded in our vision and goals for our senior community, but the exponential increase of daily operating costs need to be subsidized.

Therefore, We need your help to keep providing our seniors with transportation and the resources that give our seniors dignity, pride, and self-sufficiency.

Why Should you Give?

According to, as of 2009, 34.5% of senior men (ages 55 and up) live below the poverty line, while 52.1% of senior women (ages 55 and up) live below the poverty line. Most of these seniors do not have adequate access to and from doctor's appointments, or healthy food.

Give Cash Donations Support Urban Partnership through giving donations

Support Urban Partnership through your charitable Donation

Give cash Donations! Your support will build all our programs, designed for Seniors.  It will make a great impact in the lives of our Seniors by helping them to stay in their homes and remain a vital part of the community.

Therefore, With your help we can assist with minor home repairs and continue monitoring the homebound senior citizens.

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What our customers say?

Why they believe you should give

Mrs. Fannie, age 97

I hope UPCDC will be around a long time.  This is the first program in our community that makes me feel like I am a part of a family.  I don’t mind telling everything…  I feel just that comfortable with UPCDC staff, especially the social worker.   She is good!

Blank Urban Partnership Profile photoMrs. Fannie



Legal Formation

501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization

The Urban Partnership and Community Development Center (UPCDC) was founded through Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in 1999 as a community-based organization to bridge the gap between seniors and services.  In 2003, the UPCDC was incorporated as a separate 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization.  The vision of UPCDC originated through the Founder/Executive Director, Mrs. Frances Harris, who had experienced a life altering event, the terminal illness of a spouse, and wanted to help other in similar situations.

General questions

Where can I give?

You can read more information about Urban Partnership and Community Development Center and give via Or to see how you may donate your time contact us here. 

How do we connect for special gifts?

Can I connect with the Executive Director?

Feel free to contact our executive director at . By connecting to our Executive Director, many of the larger corporate gifts or donations can be properly outlined and recorded.