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First of all, we enjoy serving our senior community. We strive and look forward to sharing our mission with you. Urban Partnership was founded as a 501c3 nonprofit community-based organization serving seniors 55 and up.  Therefore, we work hard with the entire family to create a comprehensive support system for seniors.

We are conveniently located on the edge of the City of Saint Paul.  Accordingly, Our seniors have given their lives in making sure our community is safe, flourishing, and meeting the needs of the next generation. In return. serving their Twin Cities area have also created many of the elements that make the community what it is today. For this effort,  our services are tailored to those many seniors. Therefore, we serve and create tailored programs to promote the independence needed for them to live happy and productive lives.


Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the soul of our community through connecting senior citizens to each other and to living assistance services.

Healthy Senior Living

Seniors enjoy activities and information provided to grow their daily efforts in an effort to delay or prevent chronic illnesses and diseases associated with aging.  Most noteworthy, this initiative also helps build a stronger senior community.

Performing Arts

Seniors enjoy engagement! A powerful way to engage seniors and their families in a creative and interpretive process is self expression. We engage through well executed arts events and programs that celebrate the performing arts. 

Building a stronger
Senior Community

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Our Core Curriculum and Approach

The core curriculum of our program consist of education, application, and support.  As a result,  services necessary for senior independence  are offered to help the senior remain a vital part of their community. Families also support this initiative thru their partnership and commitment to the community. 

Why should you give?

Happily, We are always busy doing outreach in the community that truly transforms lives. consequently, We are very pleased that we have succeeded in our vision and goals for our senior community, but the exponential increase of daily operating costs need to be subsidized. For that reason, your help is needed and welcomed.

We appreciate your donation(s), and your support in helping our seniors live a better life.

We believe in the data. According to City-Data.com, as of 2009, 34.5% of senior men (ages 55 and up) live below the poverty line, while 52.1% of senior women (ages 55 and up) live below the poverty line. By understanding these data points, we are able to enact change for the senior community.

Furthermore, with the mission goals at hand, we need your help to keep providing our seniors with transportation and resources. Consequently,  giving our seniors dignity, pride, and self-sufficiency.

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We'd like to stay connnected with you!

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